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ZYP Coatings, Inc.

Welcome to ZYP Coatings, Inc., the world leader in boron nitride coatings -- home of the trademarked Boron Nitride BLUE coatings and the Think Blue, Think ZYP trademark.

Simple application, long lasting protection and outstanding release ...
These are just a few of the many attributes of our Boron nitride paints.  These coatings are applied just like house paint, either by brush or spray; there's even a convenient aerosol spray can.  Coatings are made with our own ultra-high-purity Boron Nitride; our quality is unmatched.  Foundry, cast house, extrusion, glass-molding and permanent-mold facilities have long realized the cost savings and benefits gained with the use of our family of Boron Nitride release coatings.  In addition to the paintable liquid coatings, concentrated Boron Nitride pastes are also an option for situations that require a thicker coating.   Several grades of Boron Nitride powder are available.  It is used extensively in extrusion, plastics-filling, cosmetics...

In addition to Boron Nitride coatings, we have a full range of coatings that are specifically formulated for specialized, high temperature applications, such as heat treating, galvanizing, sintering, brazing, etc.

New to paintable ceramic/refractory coatings? You may want to start at "General Information" at the top of this page and go to "Tutorial". After selecting a coating, check out our Paint Application Guide and Air Spray Tips.

To navigate our site, we invite you to either use the side menu or the menu at the top of each page.  By going to "All Products," you can see the entire listing of our available coatings.  Otherwise, coatings are referenced either by the application, type of coating, or substrates.  Data sheets are available under each section shown on the sidebar.  A link to request an MSDS is located on every product page at the "All Products" section on the sidebar.

Coming in 2014

ZYP BN Lubricoat NF
Read about the new Lubricoat-NF

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