Company Vision


As a technological manufacturing company specializing in high-temperature paintable coatings, ZYP Coatings distinguishes itself by developing unique materials solutions for refractories. Oak Ridge city is renowned for being a scientific community, and we take pride in being a part of that legacy. ZYP Coatings strives for excellence in adding to the knowledge of high-temperature materials behavior, reactions and interactions, with its products and discoveries. Patents, trade secrets, and trademarks are all designed to further our corporate culture of exploring new ideas and supporting our customers with a winning team of individuals here who strive to help solve difficult problems. We are proud of our 40 years in business and wish to thank everyone who has given us support, collaborated with us, and utilized our products in their endeavors. Our customers have made us the world leader in this field, and we truly appreciate them!


Customer Service

ZYP Coatings takes pride in its customer service which provides excellent response and help to all customers everywhere, US and rest-of-world.   The best shipping method for the product and customer is determined and quickly responded to by our customer service personnel.   None of the “Do we make that?” or “Are you sure we have that product?” type of statements. 

Technical Inquiries

ZYP Coatings provides technical discussion and suggestions for the best “candidate” coatings in many areas-of-use from cryogenic to over 2000 C. While our main ‘wheelhouse’ is easy-to-use paintable coatings with use temperature in air atmosphere at or below 1000 C, we excel in coatings that are formulated/designed to be used in harsh situations from 1000 C to 2000 C in air, inert, nitrogen, vacuum and with contact with very reactive materials – molten reactive metals, salts, ceramics and even with extremes rarely encountered by materials scientists.


If there is mutual benefit, ZYP Coatings will setup NDAs and work with the customer to create unique coating solutions to very difficult conditions. We strive to develop the best coating ingredients (filler/binder/suspender) to meet the requirements of most any project