SPFY is a water-based coating of Yttrium Oxide that is specially formulated to allow lubrication during superplastic forming operations, as well as isothermal forging and back extrusion. SPFY is comparable to JK 41 coating that is based on Boron Nitride. Thus, SPFY has a very uniform and consistent viscosity to allow its use for automatic and robotic air spraying setups.

Note: Lubrication/performance can be tailored by mixing SPFY with SPFM (MgO)*  and/or SPFB (Boron Nitride)* *Contact ZYP Coatings for SPFM or SPFB (Not on website).


Key Attributes

  • Provides lubrication for SPF/Isothermal Forging/Back Extrusion
  • Flows with the metal during forming
  • Ideal for deep drawing areas
  • Boron free
  • Water-based, Easy to Clean Up
  • Not Affected by Freezing
  • Easily removed after forming with dilute acid solution

Ideal Uses

  • Coating metal parts that are to be formed
  • For any parts requiring automatic/robotic spray coating for uniform thin layers
  • Metals and alloys that require no Boron Nitride due to its oxidation or other reasons