Type Y-CZ

Type Y-CZ is based on the most thermodynamically stable oxides of Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3) and Calcium Zirconate (CaZrO3), both with melting points over 2300 C.  This combination yields 60 mol% Y203 and 40 mol% CaZrO3 on heating over 1000 C.   Most importantly, unlike other Yttrium Oxide based coatings, Type Y-CZ is usable in air atmospheres as well as inert/vacuum to temperatures in the 1000-2000 C range; and the coating bonds well to all substrates – ceramic, graphite, metal.   Due to the high stability of the coating, Type Y-CZ is suitable for use with very reactive molten metals.


Key Attributes

  • Superior stability with molten, highly reactive metals/alloys
  • Good erosion resistance at high temperatures
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Use temperature to 2000 C in all atmospheres
  • Water-based, easy to use and cleanup

Ideal Uses

  • Reactive-molten metal processing and transport
  • Barrier coating to prevent diffusion, reactions, and sticking of parts during heat treating