Zypcoat CZO

Zypcoat® CZO is based on a lesser-known mixed oxide – namely Calcium Zirconate or Calcium-Zirconium-Oxide, CaZrO₃, which has melting point of 2325 C.  Zypcoat CZO forms 100% CaZrO₃ on heating over 500 C. It is usable in air atmospheres as well as inert/vacuum to temperatures to >2000 C, while bonding well to all substrates – ceramic, graphite, metal.   Due to its high melting point and expected high stability with most materials,  Zypcoat CZO is suitable for R&D studies at extreme temperature and conditions.


Key Attributes

  • Unique compound of CaO and ZrO₂
  • Very high temperature melting point and use-temperature
  • Expected low thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Usable in all atmospheres
  • Water-based, easy to use and cleanup

Ideal Uses

  • High-Temperature Ceramics (HTC) research/development
  • Testing in extreme environments
  • Reactive-molten metal processing
  • Barrier coating to prevent interactions