Type YSZ

Type YSZ yields a well-bonded Zirconium Oxide coating when applied to ceramic and metal substrates and is non-reactive with many solid or molten ceramics and alloys. Type YSZ has good erosion resistance along with a very high use temperature (> 2000 C). Also, the coating is a 98% pure phase with the remainder being Aluminum Oxide. As a barrier layer to prevent reactions, Type YSZ can be used on stacked metal plates to prevent sticking during heat treating.


Key Attributes

  • Non-reactive with solid or molten nonferrous/ferrous metals/alloys
  • Good erosion and chemical resistance at high temperatures
  • Use temperature of over 2000 C in all atmospheres
  • Contains no Boron
  • Safe, Water-based, no VOCs

Ideal Uses

  • Molten metal processing and transport
  • Applications that require temperatures greater than 900-1000 C in air atmosphere where Boron Nitride oxidizes
  • Barrier coating to prevent diffusion, reactions, and sticking of parts during heat treating
  • Materials requiring zero Boron contamination (aerospace/nuclear areas)