BN Glass Release DMX Powder

BN Glass Release DMX powder can be made by anyone to a liquid paint coating by merely adding isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and shaking to create your own solvent-based coating with the amazing glass release of Boron Nitride. This dry mix prevents expensive shipping of solvent-based (e.g., aerosol cans) coatings and eliminates shelf life concerns.The BN Glass Release DMX is offered as regular white or with an organic red tint for better visibility when painted onto white ceramic substrates (only lasts for the first heatup/use).

An optional empty 12-ounce trigger sprayer/bottle is offered for using with the coatings prepared from the BN Glass Release DMX.


Key Attributes

  • Instant paint from DMX by _filling container with your own solvent and shaking
  • Formulated for adding isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • Compatible with adding ethyl alcohol and acetone
  • Simple application with brushing or spraying
  • Readily cleaned up with IPA or common solvents

Ideal Uses

  • All glass slumping and forming molds, bisque and metal