BN Glass Release Spray

Discounted to $43 ($21.50/btl) for 2 bottles.

Boron Nitride Glass Release Spray was specifically formulated for the Art Glass Industry. It provides a water-based BN paint as an alternative to our flammable solvent-based aerosol BN Aerosol Lubricoat (sometimes referred to as just “ZYP” or “ZYP Mold Release Spray”).  This water-based paint will take longer to dry than solvent-based paint.  Glass Release is a non-hazardous product, thus allowing much lower shipping/handling costs.  Just like our aerosol, this new easy-to-use trigger sprayer allows application of BN paint onto most any non-glazed (i.e., bisque) surface, substrate, or mold.  This product is not recommended for metal molds, but it can be made to work if the metal mold is preheated to ~150-200 C (~300-400 F) prior to application.  Now shipping with mixing ball to help re-suspend spray. Link to PDF for Glass Release Helpful Information.  Link to PDF for how to avoid clogs in the sprayer: Special Instructions.


Key Attributes

  • Ready-to-Use Trigger Sprayer
  • Water-based, Nonflammable, Non-hazardous
  • Anti-Stick
  • Easy Release

Ideal Uses

  • All Glass Slumping and Forming using Bisque Molds
  • Not Recommended for Metal Molds