RefClay ZRP

RefClay ZRP is a ready-to-use, water-based, refractory claylike material that can be press molded to form shapes and then sintered to high density at 1400 C.  The sintered refractory has very low thermal expansion similar to fused silica.

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Key Attributes

  • Based on very refractory, proprietary Zirconium-based composition
  • Can be press formed with silicone or plaster press-molds to most any shape
  • After drying, can be sintered to 1400 C in air to yield a dense/tough body
  • Sintered material has great thermal shock resistance due to low expansion

Ideal Uses

  • Forming stable refractory parts based on unique Zirconium-based composition
  • Making very-low-CTE ceramic shapes by merely press forming claylike material