Seize-Stop provides anti-seize protection in industrial applications where metal containing products are not allowed. It prevents seizing, corrosion, rusting, and galling between metal parts, and is recommended for service from ambient to 900 C (1652 F) in air atmosphere.

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NovaMix LC and HC Powder-Instant Paint

NovaMix LC-powder-Instant PaintNovaMix_HC-powder-Instant_Paint
NovaMix HC powder performs almost as well as our ready-to-use coating equivalent, BN Hardcoat-CM. NovaMix LC performs almost as well as our ready-to-use coating equivalent: BN Lubricoat.  This will save cost in shipping and will avoid freezing. Easily made into paint by the user.  Secure the lid. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds. After shaking, a drill mixer can be used to further blend the paint until uniform. This product ships with a two gallon pail or just the powder can be ordered.
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