ZYPFIX is a reddish pink, solvent-based, tough, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant coating that is useful as a fixative and electrically insulating sealant coating.

Can be used at ambient to over 1000 C on all substrates.


Key Attributes

  • Tough, adherent, corrosion-resistant matte reddish pink coating
  • Silicone based binder system
  • Solvent-based (flammable, safe solvent)
  • Works on steels and aluminum as well as other substrates
  • No “heat cure” required; ready to use on applying and drying
  • Easy to use; cleans up readily with MEK
  • No primer coating required

Ideal Uses

  • Fixative … sticking/positioning parts
  • Sealing leaks (vacuum leaks or others)
  • Preventing corrosion (liquids or gaseous)
  • Insulating electrically