Coatings for Aluminum and Nonferrous Metal Melting

ZYP Coatings pioneered the use of Boron Nitride coatings for this area-of-use. Here are some special areas and the most-often-used “candidate” coating.

Wagstaff Casting Tables

Use BN Lubricoat or BN Lubricoat-Blue.

If on a used table with Bone Ash residue, use Z-Primercoat as a sealant before applying Lubricoat

Wagstaff Transition Plates

Use BN TPC for a pink-colored smooth coating.

Degassers: Graphite Rotors & Stators

Use Coverguard for most areas, with MW-50 Paste at air-metal interface.

Filter Boxes/Bowls
Hand Ladles & Skimmers
Auto-Pour Ladles
Pins & Spouts

Use BN Lubricoat-Blue if brushing.

Use BN Lubricoat-ZS or BN Lubricoat-ZV (diluted 2-3 water: 1 coating) for dipping. The “ZV” is somewhat harder/more-durable.

Staulk Tubes

Metal: Use BN Hardcoat.

Ceramic: BN Hardcoat or MW-50 Paste.

Troughs, Launders, & Runners

Use BN Lubricoat.




Dross Presses
Permanent Molds

Use BN Releasecoat or BN Releasecoat-Blue applied as a topcoat over the typical thermal-insulating mold-coating. Ideal for low-draft/high-drag regions and to achieve “cosmetic” finishes for castings.

BN Type M

ZBN Release

Molten Metal Pumps