BN Lubricoat ZV

Boron Nitride Lubricoat-ZV is a relatively tough and abrasion-resistant coating that also provides excellent nonwetting with aluminium, magnesium, zinc and other nonferrous metals and alloys. The coating is designed to be diluted with water as desired.   Due to having its pH-Basic/Alkaline the “ZV” is compatible with mild steel and cast iron substrates as well as ceramics.


Key Attributes

  • Excellent Non-Wetting with Molten Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Their Drosses
  • Hard Surface Lasts Longer and Reduce Maintenance, Increasing Operator Satisfaction
  • Readily Dilutable to Any Level
  • Applies Like Ordinary Housepaint
  • Safe, Water-Based

Ideal Uses

  • All metal transport components
  • Whenever a diluted coating is desired.
  • For dipping or applying thin coatings
  • For applications that require a harder surface