MW-50 Paste

MW-50 Paste is a water-based, fiber-strengthened paste based on Alpha Silicon Carbide (SiC). MW-50 can be brushed or troweled to form thick-stucco-like, abrasion-resistant shell that protects graphite and is also non-reactive to molten nonferrous metals. MW-50 is also ideal for soft ceramic bodies and for repairing heavily-eroded graphite parts thereby saving the expense of replacement. MW-50 also stops graphite oxidation to 1000°C (1800°F) and can extend the use of graphite to these higher temperatures.


Key Attributes

  • Extends Lifetime & Reduces Maintenance
  • Provides a Hard, Abrasion-Resistant Layer
  • Repairs Graphite Parts to “Original”
  • Stops Further Oxidation, Wear, and Erosion of Graphite
  • Provides Tough “Shell” for Soft Ceramic Bodies such as Pulp-Molded Pieces
  • Withstands Cyclic Use
  • Water-based, Ready-to-use

Ideal Uses

  • Repairing Badly Eroded Graphite Components
  • Protecting Components from Further Degradation
  • For use on Rotors, Stators, Molds, Trays
  • For a Tough, Abrasion-Resistant Surface Sealant