Water-Based Liquid for Sealing Ceramic Surfaces

Z-Primercoat is a non-flammable and water-based liquid that can be used as a base coat for casting tables covered with bone ash/red mud.

  • Usable to 1800°F – Ideal for “used” hot-top billet casting tables
  • Ready-to-apply, like ordinary paint primers by brush or air-spray
  • Clean, safe-to-use

Call to order 5 gallons in 5 gallon container.



Key Attributes

This water-based, clear light-syrup-appearing liquid is designed for sealing the surfaces of porous ceramics and boards. It is desirable to clean off as much residual dust and contamination as possible. By merely painting or swabbing this material onto the ceramic, the surfaces become much more amenable to topcoating with boron nitride coatings such as Boron Nitride Lubricoat-Blue which would otherwise react with residual Bone Ash and red mud. By using the Z-Primercoat, spalling and mud-cracking can be prevented. Other properties – long shelf life of over 12 months; used in all atmospheres to 900°C.

Ideal Uses

For new billet casting tables, Z-Primercoat is normally not necessary.

  • Allows old/used casting tables to be boron nitride coated
  • Seals the surface porosity of the ceramic
  • Seals in the dust and contaminants
  • Allows ready topcoating with acidic bn paints
  • Can also be used as a ph-alkaline binder that gives tough coatings