Cera Glue BondCoat

SEM Image of Bond
to Magnesia-Stabilized Zirconia


Cera Glue® BondCoat is a water-based paste that can glue/bond high-temperature ceramics, such as high-density Zirconium Dioxide and Silicon Carbide, as well as Boron Nitride. This product requires a one-time bake-on/bonding heat treatment at 1300-1500 C for 1/2 to 1 hour in an atmosphere compatible with the material being bonded (i.e., air, nitrogen, argon, etc.).

Key Attributes
  • Bonds dense refractory ceramic of ZrO2, SiC, BN
  • Bonded material can be used at temperatures up to the bonding heat-treatment temperature
  • The bond/glue is stable with many materials and provides very strong joining of parts
  • Applies smoothly and spreads easily
  •  Safe, water-based
Ideal Use
  • Gluing dense refractory ceramic pieces
  • Joining parts, such as 3D printed pieces, into complex structures
  • Sealing ‘gaps’ and fissures

Link to PDF datasheet: Cera Glue BondCoat

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