Cera Glue AA

Cera Glue® AA is a fiber-free, ready-to-use, water-based, high-temperature-use (up to nearly 1500 C [2732 F]) bonding glue for Alumina-to-Alumina or for bonding high-Alumina content ceramics to one another.  Cera Glue bonds parts together dramatically, creating a strong adhesive connection of the pieces.  Also this glue can be used with dense or porous surfaces: just apply two coats to both faces to be bonded, drying between each coating at room temperature or at 60 C, followed by heating up to at least 1500 C in any atmosphere for around ½-2 hours.  NOTE that this product DOES NOT contain Boron Nitride.


Key Attributes

  • Specifically designed for Alumina-to-Alumina or for high-Alumina parts
  • Usable to nearly 1500 C, higher than other bonding agents
  • Glue is highly stable/unreactive with many materials – even molten ones
  • Provides very strong joining of parts
  • YAG (YAG, 3Y2O3*5Al2O3) based, phosphate-refractory bonded
  • Contains no RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber)
  • Water-based – easy cleaning and diluting if needed

Ideal Uses

  • Bonding parts
  • Glue-repair of broken or chipped ceramic/refractory parts
  • Hermetically sealing tubes and bonded parts
  • Creating large complex parts from separately sintered components