Cera Glue GG

Cera Glue® GG is a fiber-free, ready-to-use, water-based, bonding glue for Graphite-to-Graphite or for bonding Silicon Carbide  ceramics to one another.  Cera Glue GG bonds parts together dramatically, creating a strong adhesive connection of the pieces.   Apply  glue to both faces to be bonded and place them together while still wet; then dry the pieces thoroughly at room temperature (i.e., overnight) and/or at 60 C.  To achieve the bond, Cera Glue GG requires a one-time bake-on at >= 800 C (>= 1472 F) for ½ hour.


Key Attributes

  • Specifically designed for Graphite-to-Graphite or for SiC-SiC
  • Usable to nearly 1000 C in air
  • Protects Graphite from oxidation
  • High Emissivity
  • Withstands cyclic use
  • Contains no RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber)
  • Water-based – easy cleanup

Ideal Uses

  • Bonding parts that would be difficult to make as monolithic
  • Glue-repair of broken or chipped Graphite or SiC parts
  • Sealing surfaces, fissures, gaps