Zirconolite Binder

Zirconolite Binder is a gel-type suspension/composition Calcia-Zirconia-Titania (CaZrTi2O7) whereby oxide powders or solutions of lanthanide/actinide compounds can be easily investigated by merely mixing them into the binder – forming coatings or “Syn-Roc” like phases.  The latter have been found to immobilize/stabilize radioactive wasteforms1,2.   Dried, pressed pellets can densify at <=1300 C.

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  2. L. R. Blackburn, D. J. Bailey, S-K Sun, L. J. Gardner, M. C. Stennett, C. L. Corkhill, and N. C. Hyatt, “Review of zirconolite crystal chemistry and aqueous durability,” Adv. Applied Ceramics120, 69083 (2021). Source


Key Attributes

  • Forms very-stable CaZrTi2O7 compound Zirconolite
  • Good suspendability of High-Z oxide ‘filler’ powders
  • Compatible with liquid (dissolved metal) additives over wide pH range
  • Good in all atmospheres with minimal outgassing

Ideal Uses

  • Testing of loading with High-Z nuclear wasteform materials
  • Immobilization/stabilization of materials by sintering/densification at <=1300 C
  • Preparing paintable high-use-temperature coatings of High-Z materials