YTO Binder

YTO Binder is has a modest ability to suspend solids. The binder yields the very refractory Y₂O₃*TiO₂ (Y₂TiO₅, Yttrium Titanate) compound with melting point of 1842 C (1) and CTE of 8.77 X 10-6/C (1) as the phase that bonds any added ‘filler’ solids added to the binder. Being pH-Acidic, this binder should only be used with powder solids that are stable in acidic medium. For example, if a TiO₂ ‘filler’ is added at 32%, a good coating results. Examples [not all-inclusive] of powders which are expected to be compatible with the binder include Alumina, Zirconia, Ceria, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, Yttrium-Silicon-Aluminum Oxynitride (Y-SiAlON or Alpha SiAlON), Boron Nitride, and Titanium Nitride. YTO Binder has a long shelf life of over 12 months and is usable in all atmospheres to above 1700 C

(1) C. E. Holcombe, M. K. Morrow, D. D. Smith, and D. A. Carpenter, “Survey of Low Expanding High Melting Mixed Oxides,” Report Y-1913, Union Carbide Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (1974)


Key Attributes

  • Forms very stable Yttrium Titanate bond
  • Compatible with many ‘filler’ powders
  • Good in all atmospheres, including air
  • Minimal outgassing — complete by 500 C
  • Safe, water-based
  • No cure needed

Ideal Uses

  • Binder
  • Suspender
  • Infiltrant