YAG Binder

YAG Binder has a good ability to suspend solids. It yields very refractory 3Y2O3*5Al2O3 as the phase that bonds the ‘filler’ solids added to the binder. The melting point is 1940°C. With a pH-Acidic (3-4) range, this binder can be used with powder solids that are stable in acidic medium. YAG Binder has a long shelf life of over 12 months and is usable in all atmospheres to 1900°C.


Key Attributes

  • Forms very stable Yttrium Aluminate bond
  • Good Suspendability of ‘filler’ powders
  • Good in all atmospheres, including air
  • Minimal outgassing — complete by 500 C
  • Safe, water-based
  • No cure needed

Ideal Uses

  • Binder/Suspender
  • Infiltrant
  • Sealer
  • Rigidizer