YAG BondCoat

YAG BondCoat is a water-based, P2O5-bonded (nearly 50 wt.% P2O5) 3Y2O3*5Al2O3 coating.  The phosphate bonding provides erosion resistance from 800-1400 C.  This coating works best on Alumina and ceramic substrates, but also is usable with some moderate expansion metals.


Key Attributes

  • Good abrasion/erosion resistance at high temperatures
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Upper use temperature of 1400 C in all atmospheres/conditions
  • Water-based, easy to use and cleanup

Ideal Uses

  • Molten metal processing and transport
  • Applications that require temperatures greater than 900-1000 C in air atmosphere where Boron Nitride oxidizes
  • Barrier coating to prevent diffusion, reactions, and sticking of parts during heat treating
  • Materials requiring zero Boron contamination (aerospace/nuclear areas)