Zypcoat YAG

Zypcoat YAG is a water-based Yttrium Aluminate (YAG, 3Y2 O3 *5Al2 O3 ) coating that has very high thermodynamic stability due to its high Yttrium Oxide content of 57 wt.% – and thus is non-reactive with many metals and alloys. Zypcoat YAG coating has very good chemical and erosion resistance, whether applied to metal or ceramic substrates. Forming 100% YAG after outgassing at 500-600 C, Zypcoat YAG has a very high upper use temperature (est. 1700 C). As a barrier layer to prevent reactions, Zypcoat YAG can be used to stop sticking with stacked metal plates during heat treating. This coating works well on ceramic and metal substrates.


Key Attributes

  • Non-reactive with most materials; ceramics or metals, even in molten state
  • Excellent chemical and erosion resistance at high temperatures
  • Use temperature estimated to be above 1400 C in all atmospheres/conditions
  • Water-based, easy to use and cleanup

Ideal Uses

  • Molten metal processing and transport
  • Very-high-temperature processing
  • Barrier coating to stop diffusion/reactions/interactions
  • Braze stop-off