YZ Binder

Paint Binder that Allows Researchers to Produce Their Own High-Temperature Coating by Just Adding the Powder of Choice

The YZ Binder is the water-based binder liquid that is used for typical yttria or zirconia washcoatings. The term “washcoating” is indicative of a low hardness coating similar to a whitewash house paint. Thus, coatings produced with this binder liquid will always have low hardness on drying and can be easily washed back off if re-wetted (i.e., have low water resistance). The binder also has a relatively low ability to suspend solids and generally produces medium to low viscosity coatings with most refractory powders. With a pH of 7, the binder is generally not very reactive to materials. Other properties –long shelf life of over 12 months; use ONLY in inert or vacuum atmospheres to 2000°C.  ***Note: contains NO yttrium oxide.


Key Attributes

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