HPC Binder

Paint Binder that Allows Researchers to Produce Their Own High-Temperature Coating by Just Adding the Powder of Choice

The HPC Binder is a water-based binder liquid that is used for suspending many materials. Coatings produced with this binder liquid have relatively low hardness on drying and can be easily washed back off if re-wetted (i.e., have low water resistance) until they are heated to the outgassing temperature of 150°C where water is the only outgassing product. The binder has a moderate ability to suspend solids and generally produces medium viscosity coatings with most refractory powders. With a pH of 7, the binder is generally not very reactive to materials. Other properties – long shelf life of over 12 months; used in all atmospheres to 1500°C.


Key Attributes

Ideal Uses