LK Binder

Paint Binder that Allows Researchers to Produce Their Own High-Temperature Coating by Just Adding the Powder of Choice 

LK Binder has a moderate ability to suspend solids. It yields a ternary composition Li2O-K2O-SiO2 that bonds together the ‘filler’ solids added to the binder. This water-based, pH-Alkaline/Basic binder/suspension-agent is usable to around 800-900 °C in all atmospheres, but this use-limit can be extended with different filler materials. Also, with combining LK Binder with HPC Binder in any proportion, the upper use limit can be extended, for example as demonstrated to over 1400 °C with rare earth phosphors. LK can be used with any powder solids that are stable in an alkaline pH medium. Coatings made with LK have the unique ability to become water-insoluble after being heated to 100-150 °C at which all outgassing (water only) is also complete.


Key Attributes

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