Rigidizer that Seals in Surface Dust on Refractories While Providing a Refractory Surface. 

Toughseal is a water-alcohol-based liquid which can be applied by bristle-brush, foam-rubber-brush, pump-sprayers and the like to most refractory materials such as brick, blankets, foams, pulp-molded surfaces, etc. The Toughseal has a pH of 2-3, which should be considered for some possible interactions (i.e., the surface being treated should be stable with an acidic material). Toughseal can sometimes provide a good base for applying refractory top coatings (i.e., when used on fibrous surfaces, etc.) — working well with acidic pH coatings. Other properties – relatively short shelf life of 3-6 months; used in all atmospheres to 1600°C.


Key Attributes

  • Water-resistant after thorough drying   [150-350 C for complete water insolubility] • Forms very tough phosphate-silicate bond  
  • Low Suspendability of ‘ ller’ powders 
  • Forms high hardness coatings  
  • Good in all atmospheres, including air  
  • Outgassing (H2O, NOx, COx) – complete by 600 C 
  • Safe, water-based  
  • No cure needed 

Ideal Uses

  • Sealer of surfaces with  fibers, dust 
  • Rigidizer for ceramic fabrics/blankets  
  • Infiltrant  
  • Binder/Suspender