BN Lubricoat BNW

BNW is a near-neutral-pH paste or concentrate that can be applied in thick layers or diluted with water to yield relatively-soft, washcoat-type of coating or a release coating. This paste provides excellent nonwetting and release with aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other nonferrous metals and alloys. Paste has no outgassing other than water when heated


Key Attributes

  • Can be applied by troweling as well as brushing or diluted to use for air-spraying or dipping.
  • Use “as-is” as a trowelable paste or dilute with water at a 2:1 (water-to-paste) or even greater level to make a great BN release coating
  • Release coating can be used as a top coating over thermal insulating coatings to give mirror-like finishes and excellent mold release
  • Ideal for use on mild steel, cast iron, and all acidic-pH-sensitive materials
  • Totally non-wetted by molten aluminum, magnesium, zinc and their drosses
  • Safe, water-based

Ideal Uses

  • Permanent Molds
  • Barrier Layer
  • Filling gaps/holes
  • Ring Seal (when diluted)