BN Releasecoat PM

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BN Releasecoat-PM is a concentrated paint that is fully-loaded with Boron Nitride.  PM provides a thick, dilutable paint in a paste-like consistency, which can be modified by simply adding water.  Given this concentrated form, PM saves on shipping costs. Typical dilution is 2 parts water to 1 part concentrate. When diluted PM is a relatively-soft, washcoat-type of coating.

BN Releasecoat-PM provides excellent nonwetting and release with aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other nonferrous metals and alloys.


Key Attributes

  • Perfect for top coating over thermal insulating coatings.
  • Provides “cosmetic”/mirror-like surface finish with excellent mold release
  • Ideal for low-draft, high-drag regions for wheel casting
  • Easily applied by air spraying on to hot or cold molds
  • Safe, water-based

Ideal Uses

  • Permanent Molds
  • Low Pressure or Gravity Die casting