BN Cera Patch

BN Cera Patch provides a ready-to-use, water-based ceramic putty/patching material that can be filled into any fissure, crack or defect in refractory materials to achieve non-wetting with molten aluminum.  This premium repair product is based on Boron Nitride and is completely free of Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF).  BN Cera Patch is engineered to expand to fill damaged areas and does not sinter, shrink or crack with use.  It adheres well to all refractory surfaces, dense or porous and is applicable for all environments to 800°C (1472°F) for continuous use, and to 1000°C (1832°F) for intermittent use.  BN Cera Patch is ready-to-use after applying with putty knife or trowel followed by drying. No special cure is needed.


Key Attributes

  • Premium Product: Utilizes Boron Nitride for best non-wetting and is non-reacting with molten aluminum and its alloys or drosses
  • Smoothly applies and spreads easily
  • Dries in minutes at room temperature
  • Expands to fill the damaged areas: does not sinter, shrink or crack with thermal cycling
  • Excellent non-wetting, strength, hardness, and toughness that prevents molten aluminum from reacting or undercutting any coated or filled regions
  • Stops metal penetration
  • Long life of the repaired areas due to non-reaction/non-wetting
  • High adhesion to all refractory types (dense or porous) without chipping or flaking
  • Fills fissures, cracks, seams and joints
  • Not sensitive to freezing

Ideal Uses

  • Repairing and patching cracks, fissures, ruts, pock marks, joints, defects in molten-aluminum transport refractories
  • Preventing adhesion and sticking of residual metal in cavities and cracks