Yttria Stop-Off


Yttria Stop-Off is a water-based coating of Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3) that provides a relatively tough/adherent coating which is usable in all atmospheres to over 1000°C (1832°F) on all substrates. Provides a shield/barrier from reactions/interactions.

Key Attributes
  • Water-based paint providing the great properties of Y2O3 in all atmospheres for all substrates.
  • Applies like housepaint (brush, dip, air-spray)
  • Easily applied by air spraying onto hot or cold surfaces
  • Great with highly reactive materials
  • Safe, Water-Based, Non-flammable
  • Dilutable with water or Type Y for higher purity
  • Easy clean-up with water
Ideal Use
  • Protective coating for crucibles and molds
  • High temperature lubricant
  • Core wash for investment casting
  • Interaction barrier and release layer

Link to PDF datasheet: Yttra Stop-Off