BN EsoCera Clay

BN EsoCera Clay is an esoteric ceramic claylike material that is loaded with Boron Nitride in order to impart the great properties of BN into a formable clay. Thus, if you are familiar with clay-based ceram-ics, this BN EsoCera Clay works identically to normal ceramic clay – allows the user to form parts by hand or press-form shapes as desired, followed by drying and then firing to a strong, well-bonded body by heating to 1000 C in air for ½ hour “soak”.

Key Attributes
  • Safe, water-based, easy to use and cleanup
  • Ready-to-form into specialty shapes by hand forming or press forming with silicone or plaster press-molds into most any shape
  • Forms Boron Nitride based ceramic shapes after drying and firing.
Ideal Use
  • Making your own parts with BN performance
  • For 1000 C upper use temperature in all atmospheres
  • Molten nonferrous-metal-resistant ceramic pieces

Link to the PDF Datasheet: BN EsoCera Clay