Zypcoat® BAS is a water-based coating of Barium Carbonate (BaCO3), Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3), and Silicon Oxide (SiO2). The coating forms Celsian (BaAl2Si2O8) above 1000 C.  Celsian has high chemical stability and reportedly melts circa 1760 C. Zypcoat BAS is a very economical coating that is usable to at least 1650 C on most all substrates and with all atmospheres. Thus, Zypcoat BAS should be applicable as a protective layer for most refractories.


Key Attributes

  • Provides non-reactivity with many materials,
    including molten Aluminum
  • Use temperature expected to be at least 1650 C
    in all atmospheres
  • Erosion-resistant/tough coating on all substrates
  • Very economical, water-based, easy-to-use and

Ideal Uses

  • Very-high-temperature use areas
  • Stopping reactions/interactions with other refractory substrates
  • Barrier coating to prevent diffusion, reactions, and sticking of parts during heat treating