Zypcoat ALT

Zypcoat®  ALT is an economical water-based Aluminum Titanate (ALT) coating that is non-wetting and non-reactive with aluminum and aluminum-based alloys. The high erosion resistance and high use temperature (> 1400°C) make this a versatile and tough coating for a multitude of applications. This includes protecting refractories during melting, processing and transport of alloys that are highly reactive and/or possess melting temperatures >700-800°C.  The coating can be diluted with water as desired and works well on ceramic and metal substrates.



Key Attributes

  • Non-reactive and non-wetting with molten aluminum and its alloys
  • Resistant to erosion and oxidation
  • High use temperature: > 1400°C
  • Stable in contact with highly reactive alloys
  • Can be diluted with water as desired

Ideal Uses

  • All metal transport components
  • Applications that require temperatures greater than typical aluminum processing
  • Applications that require a stable, non-reactive barrier coating
  • Specialty aluminum alloys requiring very-high purity and zero Boron levels
  • Sacrificial coating for Aluminum Titanate components, protecting them and extending their lifetime
  • Piston alloy (or “sticky” alloy) processing where messy oil-based coatings are now used