Y-FZM 1400 Powder

Y-FZM 1400 is a dry powder mixture of Yttria and FZM (Fused Zirconia-Mullite) which, on adding around 40 wt% water and stirring forms a cementitious slurry that can be poured or cast into silicone molds to form parts.


Key Attributes

  • Prepared as a slurry from dry mixture by just adding water
  • Readily prepared into near full density parts by cast-and-sinter technique
  • Useful as a cement/glue or repair putty for other refractories
  • Nearly 1400 C use temperature
  • Forms Yttria compounds on sintering
  • Contains no RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber)
  • Water-based – easy cleanup

Ideal Uses

  • Repairing/patching of fissures, cracks, joints
  • Cementing refractory ceramic part
  • Casting your own specialty parts of high-stability, high-performance Yttria-based refractory