Supercoat S

Supercoat S is solvent-based and allows easy application onto metals at room temperature due to its fast drying.  The Supercoat S should be applied by air-spraying (for best results) or by dipping.  Supercoat S can be diluted with Acetone for somewhat faster drying or with Ethyl Alcohol for somewhat slower drying.  After applying and drying at room temperature, a one-time “bake-on” at 850-925 C for 30 minutes or more is required. The resulting coating is remarkably flexible and tough, protective, and electrical insulating.


Key Attributes

Enamel-like Supercoat For Metals Containing Chromium and/or Nickel With Iron  (Not for carbon-steel)

  • Stainless (all varieties, including 304, 310, 316, 430, 439)
  • Haynes Alloy 214
  • Inconel 718
  • “White” Cast Irons HC15 and HC28
  • Ni-Hard Cast Iron • H13 Tool Steel

Forms Remarkable, Fantastic, Tough Supercoat That Can Be Used To:

  • Seal Surfaces with an Impervious layer
  • Provide flexible coating
  • Yield electrical insulating coating
  • Allow Thermal Cycling & Air Quenching

Ideal Uses

  • Reduces/stops Gaseous Attack and Provides Corrosion Resistance
  • Provides High Emissivity and Electrically Nonconducting Surface,Good from Ambient to 850 C
  • Mufflers/Exhaust Components
  • Gas Burners
  • Protect Furnace Parts, etc.
  • Base/primer Coat for Topcoating with Paintable Coatings, like BN