Supercoat S with BN

ZYP Coating’s Supercoat® S with BN is modified to allow fast drying when applied by brushing, dipping, or spraying.   When applied and dried onto Iron-Chrome-Nickel alloys such as Stainless Steel, a one-time “bake-on” at 800-850 C is required.  The result is a tough, flexible Supercoat that has the special lubricating and non-wetting properties of Boron Nitride.


Key Attributes

  • Enamel-like Supercoat for Fe-Cr-Ni alloys
  • Nonwetting/nonreaction with molten nonferrous alloys
  • Nonsticking with splatter/brazes
  • Long lasting, abrasion-resistant Boron Nitride coating

Ideal Uses

  • Molten metal transport parts
  • Ladles and skimmers
  • Thermocouple sheaths
  • Molds