SpackleKote Z

SpackleKote Z is a ready-to-use, water-based, Zirconia-loaded putty that can be applied to ceramic substrates with a putty knife, trowel, or spatula to fill or repair. After applying and drying or firing onto ceramic parts, the region can be sanded or scraped.


Key Attributes

  • Forms a strong, yet porous ceramic layer
  • Sandable/scrapable spackle layer forms after drying or firing
  • Good for thin and thick application without cracking
  • Usable to >=1400 C
  • Water-based, safe, and easy to use and cleanup
  • Resists cracking
  • Contains no Refractory Ceramic Fiber

Ideal Uses

  • Patching, sealing, repairing, filling of fissures, holes, and pock marks
  • Providing a stable refractory surface based on Zirconium Oxide (Calcia-stabilized)