Levikote ZBN

Levikote ZBN is an oil-based, self-leveling coating that does not skitter as applied onto hot substrates – just levels out to a uniform,

lubricating relase coating. Usable to 1000 C, Levikote ZBN is useful for reactive alloys/fluxes. Does not dry at room temperature, but provides an adherent/dry/protecting coating circa 200 C (392 F). Resistant/nonsticking/nonwetting with molten nonferrous metals. Whenever a release-coating is desired not to be water-based/solvent-based, the oil-based Levikote ZBN is a good choice.


Key Attributes

  • Water-Miscible, Oil-Based Lubricant
  • Nonwetting/Nonsticking with Reactive Molten Nonferous Metals/Fluxes to 1000 C (1832 F)
  • Contains Chemically-Inert Zirconium Oxide and Boron Nitride
  • Easy to Apply

Ideal Uses

  • Transport/handling components used with reactive molten metal/fluxes
  • Lubricating for belts, conveyers, chains, rollers, hinges/bolts/screws
  • Sealing heater-cartridges