Cleanlube Liquid

Cleanlube Liquid is a easy-to-apply solution containing Boron Nitride (BN) and non-petroleum derived wax.  After application and drying for around 60-90 minutes, a dry-film-lubricant (DFL) of BN in wax matrix provides lubrication that is water repellent and does not attract particles/grit.  The DFL area can be burnished to a super-smooth finish, if desired.  Use-temperature from room temperature to 40 C is common, but the residual BN coating can be used to above 800 C after the wax evaporates.


Key Attributes

  • Liquid-solution forms dry-film-lubricant (DFL)
  • Dual lubricant of BN/wax for lower friction
  • Does not attract particles/grit
  • Easy-to-use and cleanup
  • Water-repellant after drying
  • Burnishable after drying to a super-smooth finish
  • Uses biodegradable/”carbon neutral” wax

Ideal Uses

  • Moving parts like chains/cables/sprockets
  • Lubricating mating surfaces