JK SD is a specially formulated solvent-based, very-low-viscosity BN coating to allow dipping onto “blanks” to yield very thin layers that can accommodate the extreme stretching of superplastic forming operations. The uniform-sized BN particles give good adhesion and lubrication over the superplastic-forming and quick-plastic-forming (SPF/QPF) cycle. The consistency of JK SD allows its use for applying thin layers by air-spray as well as dipping


Key Attributes

  • Provides lubrication over the entire SPF-QPF cycle
  • Flows with the metal
  • Permits easy removal/release after forming
  • Minimizes coating build-up on dies
  • Ideal for dipping … OK also for air-spraying
  • Solvent-based (Ethanol), Fast-Drying, Flammable

Ideal Uses

  • Coating metal sheets that are to be SPF-QPF processed
  • For any parts that are to be coated by dipping or air-spraying