3D Cer-Paste BN

Based on nearly 40 years of experience formulating exceptional high temperature ceramic coatings, ZYP Coatings is introducing a new Boron Nitride containing, solvent-based paste for 3D printing. This “3D Cer-Paste BN” is designed for use in extrusion based Paste Deposition Modeling (PDM) 3D printers, similar to desktop Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers used for polymers, except no heat is required. Once dry, parts printed with 3D Cer-Paste BN can be bonded in a standard fashion without warping or cracking. The resulting ceramic body has very little shrinkage, thus maintaining its shape and size as printed. The nonwetting/nonsticking properties of Boron Nitride are also maintained in the ceramic piece.


Key Attributes

  • Solvent-based formula is easily printed with common, inexpensive 3D printer assemblies
  • No heat required for printing
  • Once dry, printed ceramic pieces can be bonded at less than 1000 C
  • Maintains shape and size as printed after bonding at temperature
  • Useful to 1000 C in all atmospheres
  • Nonwetting and nonsticking with most materials, including molten Aluminum/alloys

Ideal Uses

  • Fixtures and nozzles for use with molten nonferrous metals
  • Shields for ion-beam sputtering or deposition from vapor
  • Brazing or welding spatter guides/barriers