Cera Foam

Cera Foam provides a ready-to-use, water-based refractory coating that can be applied onto ceramic materials. Due to “chemical direct foaming” Cera Foam expands to 2.5x its size to form adherent, porous, black foam when first heated up to 700 C. Use Cera Foam where the properties of foam are desired: highly porous thermal insulation, sealing deteriorated surfaces, filling pock-marks/holes/gaps, helping to bond parts with spaces between them, etc. Cera Foam is engineered to expand to fill damaged areas and does not sinter, shrink or crack with use. Cera Foam adheres well to all refractory substrates, dense or porous. Cera Foam only requires a one-time heat-up to foam-in-place and then is usable in all environments to 800 C (1472 F). Ready-to-use by applying onto the area where foam is desired, drying, and then with a first-time heat-up the foam is formed in place.


Key Attributes

  • Unique coating that foams in place, forming a high-porosity refractory foam
  • Thermally insulating
  • Refractory ceramic usable to 800 C
  • Easy to apply at room temperature
  • Expands to 2.5x its size to fill gaps, crevices and pock-marks
  • Adheres to refractory ceramic surfaces

Ideal Uses

  • Repairing and patching refractories in furnaces
  • Providing a thermally insulating surface
  • Expected high emissivity due to black color should give temperature uniformity