BN ThermKote Paste

ZYP Coatings’ BN ThermKote Paste is water-based and has been especially designed for best heat conduction from heater units such as used for 3D printers.  BN ThermKote allows the cylindrical sheath of the cartridge to be in intimate contact with the object to be heated.

For ‘seating’ the heaters, merely coat the cartridge heater and the hole in the “heat block”, and insert the heater while still wet and let it dry at ambient temperature.   The nature of the paste is such as to fill the space between the heater sheath and the object to which it is mounted.

1 oz. (30 ml) container of paste


Key Attributes

  • High thermal conductivity, electrically-insulating
  • Applies like spackling compound
  • Safe, water-based, no VOC’s
  • Easy open/close container of 30 ml paste

Ideal Uses

  • Improving heater efficiency
  • Extending heater lifetime
  • Easing release/removal of heaters from holders