BN Cera Dip

Boron Nitride Cera Dip has been designed for dipping application onto most any surface. A thin, uniform, erosion-resistant coating can be easily applied to yield non-wetting with nonferrous metals/alloys/drosses. BN Cera Dip can be applied by brushing, roller-coating, air-spraying etc. but is designed for dipping. Upon drying at 80°C, the coating is water-insoluble. BN Cera Dip uses an environmentally “green” polymer that gives optimum coating uniformity with no worrisome outgassing. It can be applied to ambient or heated surfaces.


Key Attributes

  • Good for Metal and Ceramic Surfaces
  • Alkaline/Basic-pH Formula like house paint
  • Non-Wetted by Molten nonferrous metals/alloys/drosses
  • Easily Applied by DIPPING and other methods
  • Safe, Water-Based Coating
  • Water-Dilutable as needed with some reduction in performance.

Ideal Uses

  • Ladles
  • Liners & Skimmers
  • Pour Cups
  • Sampling Spoons
  • Funnels
  • Control Pins & Spouts
  • Thermocouple Protection Tubes
  • Stalk Tubes & Immersion Tubes
  • Metal Molds & Troughs
  • Any Molten Metal Transport Component