Black Satin Graphite Coating

Black Satin is a tough, adherent Graphite based coating with higher use temperature in air than any other Graphite coating – allowing its use up to molten Aluminum temperatures. The coating is usable in air with minimal degradation at 750 C (1382 F) and for short time use to 800 C (1472 C).

Black Satin is ready-to-use or can be diluted with water as desired.


Key Attributes

  • Provides non-stick, non-wetting, release with many molten metals, slags, salts
  • Applies like housepaint (brush, dip, air-spray)
  • Can be used as is or diluted with water to desired viscosity
  • Water-based, safe and easy-to-clean-up

Ideal Uses

  • Coating ceramics or metals for release/lubrication
  • When Graphite properties are desired, yet use-temperatures are over 550 C limit typical for Graphite.