SEG Aerosol Brushable

ZYP Coating’s “SEG Aerosol Brushable” is the same formulation that is used in our SEG (Super Enhanced Graphite) Aerosol spray-can but in bulk paint form and sold by the gallon. Unlike graphite alone, SEG will not lose performance in vacuum environments.  The SEG Aerosol Brushable can be applied by brushing, traditional air-spraying means, or dipping. Usable in any environment from room temperature to over 900°C (1652°F). The paint provides excellent “dry-film” lubrication. SEG Aerosol Brushable can be diluted with acetone to decrease drying time or with ethyl alcohol to increase drying time.

Sold in 1 gallon container.


Key Attributes

  • Far Superior to Graphite Alone
  • Fast Drying, Solvent Based
  • Contains no Silicones nor Disulfides
  • Dilutable with Acetone and/or Ethanol
  • Apply like House Paints

Ideal Uses

  • Dry-Film Lubricant (DFL)
  • Reducing Friction, even in Vacuum
  • Anti-Stick – Providing Release/Lubrication
  • Barrier Layer