Zypcoat FZM


Zypcoat® FZM is a water-based Fused Zirconia-Mullite coating consisting of Aluminum Oxide (AlO), Zirconium Oxide (ZrO), and Silicon Oxide (SiO), AZS. The coating is designed to have outgassing completed by about 600 C, forming 100% AZS which reportedly melts at 1750 C.
The refractory FZM is known for its use in steel, glass, and aluminum processing refractories – nonwetting with molten glass, metals and slags with minimal corrosion. Thus, Zypcoat FZM should be applicable as a protective layer for FZM/AZS and other refractories used in challenging/harsh environments.

Key Attributes
  • FZM provides non-reactivity/corrosion resistance with many materials
  • Use temperature expected to be over 1650 C in all atmospheres
Ideal Use
  • Very-high-temperature use areas
  • Stopping reactions/interactions with other refractory substrates
  • Barrier coating to prevent diffusion, reactions, and sticking of parts during heat treating

Link to PDF datasheet: Zypcoat FZM