BN Glass Release Spray


Boron Nitride Glass Release Spray has been formulated specifically for the Art Glass Industry.  It provides a water-based  BN paint as an alternative to our flammable solvent-based aerosol BN Aerosol Lubricoat (sometimes referred to as just “ZYP” or “ZYP Mold Release Spray”).  This water-based paint will take longer to dry than solvent-based paint.  Glass Release is a non-hazardous product, thus allowing much lower shipping/handling costs.  Just like our aerosol, this new easy-to-use trigger sprayer allows application of BN paint onto most any non-glazed (i.e., bisque) surface, substrate or mold. Now shipping with mixing ball to help re-suspend the spray. Link to the PDF for Special Instructions on how to avoid clogging of sprayer: BN Glass Release Spray Instructions  Link to PDF for Glass Release Helpful Information

How to Spray

How to Spray Molds:

  1. Shake vigorously until marble is heard and there is no sediment.
  2. Uncap and save the cap. Always start with a clean sprayer/tube and screw it onto bottle.
  3. Test sprayer on cardboard. Spray lightly (using side to side motion) on mold and allow time to soak in and dry.
  4. Once coating is dry to touch, re-apply a second coat if desired or if bare spots.
  5. Wet coating can be smoothed with small brush.
  6. Allow time to dry before using. Can be dried room temp or with a dryer.
  7. After use, remove sprayer and flush with water. Recap bottle with original cap.
  • BN Glass Release Spray
  • two 12 oz. bottles
  • $42.00
  • BN Glass Release Spray
  • one 12 oz. bottle
  • $25.00