BN Aerosol Lubricoat


BN Aerosol Lubricoat® is a convenient aerosol-can for applying thin, uniform, quick-drying layers of Boron Nitride (BN) onto most any substrate. The aerosol-can allows the creation of a dry-film-lubricant and provides the great properties of BN that is easy-to-use with low electrical conduction, high thermal conduction, prevents reactions between materials, and has superior release.

Key Attributes


  • Molten Al, Mg, & Zn
  • Hot-Pressing
  • Glass Forming
  • Weld Spatter• Braze Stop-Off

High-temperature Lubrication:

  • Extrusion
  • Superplastic Forming
  • Stops galling
  • Dry-Film Lubricant (DFL)
Ideal Use
  • Reducing Friction
  • Providing Release
  • Barrier Layer

Link to PDF datasheet: BN Aerosol Lubricoat

  • BN Aerosol Lubricoat
  • 13 oz. aerosol can
  • $44.00
  • BN Aerosol Lubricoat
  • Case of 12 (13 oz.) aerosol cans
  • $504.00
    $480.00 for 2-5
    $456.00 for 6+